Commute Options has been singing the praises of Telework for years. Now that many of us are required to work from home, we wanted to share tips to be a sucessful teleworker. Be sure to log your work from home trips at Get There Oregon. 

  1. Plan your outside time. Find moments during the workday that you can dedicate to leaving your home, practicing proper social distancing, and getting fresh air and exercise. Spring is here, enjoy it!


  2. Plan your work time. It’s easy to log on when you wake up and constantly work until you go to bed. Create boundaries! And add a reminder to block off that time on your calendar or set an alarm on your phone.


  3. Get dressed when you wake up (workout pants count if you didn’t sleep in them!) and brush your teeth!


  4. Be creatve. FaceTime or Skype with friends. Have a virtual tea date. Call your loved ones.  

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