Get Together and Save

Vanpooling is fun and easy. Here’s the scoop: One person is the driver/coordinator, normally rides free and can use the van for some personal trips. The riders determine their time and route and share the cost of operating the vanpool. Simple, right?

Learn more about the Redmond-Bend (westside) vanpool!

The van will leave Redmond at 7:20a and depart from OSU​-Cascades​ at 5p (+/- 15 minutes).​ The cost ranges from $179 to $149 depending on the number of riders we can add. More riders = less cost! ​

Vanpool Advantages:

  • Save money on gas
  • Emergency ride home program
  • Parking space savings
  • Less traffic congestion
  • Cleaner air for everyone
  • Relaxed commute

Interested in organizing a contract for a van? Does your company have 7-15 employees who would like to vanpool to work?

Contact: Commute Options. 541-668-6138

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