What is Vanpool?

Vanpool is very similar to carpooling – the only difference is the vehicle is provided! It’s a prearranged group of 4–13 people sharing a ride to and from work on a regular schedule. The vehicle, insurance, roadside assistance, and carpool matching is provided to the vanpool group and is covered in the monthly lease fee.

Why choose vanpool?

Benefits to the employer:

    • Benefit provided to employees
    • Helps with retention and recruitment of employees from farther away
    • More space in the parking lot
    • Reliable arrival and departure time
    • Improve sustainability metrics of the company

Benefits to the employee:

    • An affordable ride
    • A safe, relaxed, reliable commute
    • Less wear and tear on your vehicle

Benefits to the community:

    • Reduced traffic congestion and parking needs
    • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions
    • The money saved on sharing your ride may be spent locally


What do you need to start a vanpool with Commute Options?

1) The vanpool needs to either start OR end in Deschutes, Crook, or Jefferson counties.
For example, a vanpool can start in Bend and end outside of Deschutes county and vice versa .
2) 4 or more employees who have a similar commute and shift.

If you check these two boxes – contact us! We can help get the ball rolling and coordinate the next steps!



What about needing to get home early due to an emergency?
Each individual can get two guaranteed rides home through taxi, TNC, or rental car as a Commute with Enterprise vanpool participant.
Where do I park my car during the day?
Your specific vanpool group will choose a location to meet every morning. Your car will stay there, and you’ll grab it at the end of the day. We can help choose the location and make sure everyone is comfortable with it.
How is a vanpool paid for?

If the vanpool starts OR ends in Deschutes, Crook and Jefferson counties:
Commute Options and CET provide a subsidy that comes from STIF funds that cover the entire cost of the vanpool. 
If the vanpool starts and ends in any other county:
The lease fee is paid for by the employer, employee group of riders, or some combination. There is currently no subsidy offered outside the tri-county region.

What is the duration of the lease agreement?
Leases on a vanpool vehicle are month to month and can be canceled anytime with 30 days notice.
If I sign up as a volunteer driver do I have to drive everyday?
We try to have at least two drivers in case someone is sick or on vacation!
If I sign up, do I have to ride everyday?
No, if you need to drive separately every once in a while that’s fine! But if you consistently can’t make it, it might be better to give your spot to someone else who will use it more regularly!
What about gas?

If the vanpool starts OR ends in Deschutes, Crook and Jefferson counties:
The cost of gas is covered in the subsidy provided by Commute Options and CET. 
If the vanpool starts and ends in any other county: Gas is charged to a card provided by Commute with Enterprise and is included on the invoice to the employer at the end of the month. The employer can choose to cover that cost, or divide it between the riders.