Get There Rewards

Get There Oregon:

  • makes it easy for employees to log and track trips, showing how much money and air pollution they’ve saved
  • helps users match up in carpools, find other people to bike with, and get info on riding the bus, telework, and compressed workweek
  • automatically records points which employees of Partners can redeem for gift cards 
  • is easy to use. Just go to Get There Oregon to register

Partners agree to select an employee to serve as the Employee Transportation Coordinator (ETC).  The ETC represents the employer and participates in Commute Options activities, including training, the Commute Options/Get There Challenge, and other promotional events. The ETC must have a Get There Oregon account and be our point of contact for rewards distribution and promotions. 

Get There Rewards Program:

The Rewards Program provides a $20 gift card to employees who log points tracking their commute options.  Once the employee earns 45 points on Get There Oregon, they can redeem them for their reward. Electronic rewards requests go directly to employees’ email. Physical gift cards are mailed once per month to the ETC for distribution. Check out the Tango Card choices here

Members contribute funding based on the number of employees that are Active participants in Get There Oregon. For each Active employee, the COP pays $25 annually.  The number of Active employees is measured in December of the prior year and again in June. If the number of Active employees has increased, you will be invoiced $25 per new employee in July of the current year. 

For new member we will evaluate the number of Active employees three months after signing up.  You will be billed $25 for each Active employee and re-evaluated after six months. If the number of Active employees has increased, you will be asked to make an additional contribution of $25 per new employee.

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Track your trips

The CommuteTracker app is free and available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for smart phones. Download, login, and start saving today!


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Get There Oregon is your secure, easy-to-use online ride-matching tool that matches you with people going your way for work and play. Earn gift cards through Commute Options’ incentive program by logging into Get There Oregon and tracking your trip. Sign up today!

Visit the Get There website

Remember these handy tips:

Enter your complete home and work address information

Use your company email address

Log Telework trips from your home to work address

Contact us if you want more info or need help!

 About Commute Options promotes choices that reduce the impacts of driving alone. For more information, contact Kim Curley.


Is carpooling safe? / is ridematching safe?

  • Safety concerns shouldn’t keep people from seriously considering carpools, while these concerns shouldn’t be dismissed, they also shouldn’t stand in the way of saving some money, reducing carbon emissions, and making your commute more relaxing. We recommend communicating by email with a potential carpool partner and once you feel comfortable, meet in a public place for a trial run. You can also check out Facebook or LinkedIn profiles, if they’re public, to get a sense of who you might be spending your commute with.

What is a carpool?

  • A carpool is simple. It’s an arrangement between two or more people to make a regular journey in a single car, typically with each person taking turns to drive the others.  However, other carpools have just one driver who drives each commute. There are no hard and fast rules – it’s up to the individual circumstances of those in your carpool. A good rule of thumb is to discuss and agree upon the cost-sharing arrangements beforehand. Determine what the driving arrangements will be, if there is an equal split in driving responsibilities, and the cost-sharing arrangements.

Where will the pick-ups be? 

  • Sometimes the driver will pick up passengers right at their homes; but oftentimes commuters will meet up at a predetermined location, like a “Park and Ride” or another convenient parking lot.

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