In May, we celebrated the Walk and Roll Challenge. During the challenge, participants bike, walk, skate, and roll to school or work, and log their trips to encourage safe, sustainable ways to get around.

Not only does doing this reduce congestion on our streets, lower CO2 emissions, and make us healthier, but our participants also got some pretty sweet prizes!

We had 47 Central Oregonian students log a total of 1,012 trips. Everyone got to take home goodies including custom masks, pencils, coloring books, stickers and more. Two participants, Sawyer and Nash won light up scooters, and Kayleigh (pictured above) took home the grand prize of a new bicycle!

150 adults logged 3,611 commutes, too. This saved over $2,000 in transportation costs! The walkers and rollers burned 224,561 calories, and prevented 1,332,609 grams of CO2 from entering our Oregon air during the month of May. Participants Todd R, Lisa B, Michael C, and Michelle B each logged more than 100 miles of biking and walking! Pictured above is a view from Lisa B’s commute – a two and a half hour excursion from Hood River to the Dalles.

A dozen of the adult participants won prizes from places including Deschutes Brewery, Cascade East Transit, Footzone, Birkenstock, Ruffwear, MasterCard, Wallowa Lake Lodge, Mt.Bachelor, Sunshine Mill Winery, Flow Yoga, Deschutes Brewery and Oregon Wild!

Thank you to all who participated in the May Walk and Roll Challenge. We all benefit from your efforts!