Rewards Program

Commute Options has an incentive plan for our Commute Options Partners (COPs). Not only do you save money on transportation costs, improve your health and save on parking, you can earn gift cards by not driving alone.

How many work days do you commute by walking, bicycling, car/vanpool, telework, work a compressed work week or ride the bus?

Earn a $20 gift card for every 45 days you use a commute option

How to Get Started

 Get started by going to Get There Oregon.

Register and start tracking your days

Claim Your Reward

When you reach 45 days, we’ll send an email asking you to select a specific gift card.  The CommuteRewards Tango card is emailed directly to you or your physical gift card will be sent through the mail to your Employee Transportation Coordinator (ETC). Your choices include: