We’re Hiring!

Job Title: Program Assistant

Rate of Pay: Part-Time position, pay starting at $24/hour.

Job Description and Summary:

This position would be supporting both the Safe Routes to School (SRTS), the Oregon Friendly Driver (OFD),  and Get There Rewards (GTR) Programs. Community outreach and event attendance are important aspects of this role to promote the programs and engage with the community. The SRTS program creates fun, convenient, and safe opportunities for children to walk and roll to and from school. The OFD program facilitates classes that educate people who drive on what to expect from people walking and rolling to improve the safety on our roadway for all users. The GTR program manages rewards for employees at partner companies who use Transportation Options to and from work. The Program Assistant reports to the Education Program Manager and acts as an instructor for both SRTS and OFD. The Program Assistant reports to job sites including schools, various classroom venues, and special events to help deliver SRTS to students K-8 and OFD to teens and adults. Supplements GTR program support by assisting in compiling data and answering user inquiries. GTR program support is done online (not in person).

Program Assistant Job Responsibilities:

● Support program planning and implementation of activities. Prepare program documents and maintain records.
● Ensure that objectives and activities are properly implemented per grants and contracts.
● Deliver informative and engaging SRTS and OFD program safety education as an instructor.
● Completes tasks described in OFD program contract; including, but not limited to virtual and in person class
instruction and data collection.
● Support Outreach Activities: Assist in outreach events outside of regular instruction time, including but not limited
to encouragement events, bike nights, walk/roll to school events, May challenge events, and community events.
● Collaborate with other team members to ensure the success of outreach initiatives and activities.
● Event Attendance and Assistance: Attend various events as required and provide assistance as needed. Help with
the transportation of materials to and from events, ensuring all necessary items are readily available and organized.
● Assist in volunteer recruitment and retention.
● Assist in data collection and customer inquiries about the Get There Connect platform and rewards.
● Accurately and timely report on deliverables each quarter to ODOT, City of Bend, and any other applicable
● Perform other duties as assigned by the Education Program Manager for the further development of the agency.


On any one day you might:

  • Arrive at a school early to set up bikes outside of trailer to prepare for bike safety education classes, then enter the school to pick up a group of students to take them outside to teach pedestrian safety.
  • Communicate with the Commute Options Team about scheduling of classes and events.
  • Collaborate at a staff meeting.
  • Prepare supplies for any upcoming encouragement events or outreach events.
  • Travel to various locations in Central Oregon including High Schools in Redmond, Driver Ed classes in Prineville, or School District Transportation/Bus Driver meetings in La Pine to deliver an Oregon Friendly Driver Class.
  • Analyze Oregon Friendly Driver Tests Results and write up certificates of completion.
  • Attend a weekend outreach event and set up activities for students to engage in and learn about walking and biking safety.


To Apply:

Please review the full job description, and send a cover letter and your resume to info@commuteoptions.org. BIPOC, LGBTQIA, women and Latino community members are strongly encouraged to apply.

About Commute Options

Commute Options is organized as a private non-profit community development corporation and has charitable tax-exempt status under Section 501 (c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code. Our Board of Directors provides leadership and direction for the organization, and our executive director (ED) manages the daily functions of the organization. Commute Options is dedicated to innovative transportation options that connect people of all ages to the places they go – employees to their workplaces, students to their schools, and neighbors within their communities. We champion active transportation and infrastructure improvements, fostering essential partnerships, and educating the community on transportation options.

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