Park & Walk – Remote Drop off

Walking or dropping off from a remote location encourages students and families to park a few blocks away from school and walk the short distance to school. Parents/caregivers can drop students off to walk with other students or join their student on the short walk to school. This is a fun way for everyone to connect with one another, while reducing traffic congestion and vehicle emissions around schools, plus students get the right about of exercise right before getting into the classroom to improve their focus.

A predetermined parking lot acts as the meeting area where families can park or drop off their student. Students can walk the remaining distance to school. There can be a designated adult volunteers to walk groups of children from the parking area to school.

Strategy: Remote Drop Off


Instead of driving to the school, families drive to a remote parking lot and walk the remainder of the trip.


  • Includes families who live too far to walk or have an unsafe route.
  • Encourages neighborhood involvement.
  • Reduces traffic congestion at the school.


Quick steps to a park and walk activity

  1. Locate a parking lot within walking distance of the school. Work with lot owner to allow use.
  2. Map a safe route to school from parking area.
  3. Recruit volunteers if parents are not required to walk with their children.
  4. Promote it.
  5. Kick off.
  6. Track participation.
  7. Make changes to the activity as needed.

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