Commute Options 2022 Year in Review

2022 has been an incredible year – Take a look!

Safe Routes To School 

Walk and Roll to School Day was a huge success this year, tons of families got to experience the joy of walking or rolling to school together. We had 161 students log their trips (from Bend La Pine School District, Jefferson County School District, Sisters School District, and Crook County School District), including many who participated through park and walk groups. We also held rolling recesses where students who needed them were given new helmets.

Our Walking School Bus Program was supported by 14 volunteers last spring and this year we hired 2 paid leaders to strengthen the program even more. There are a total of 15 students walking in our three Walking School Bus Groups that are serving Bear Creek Elementary and Ponderosa Elementary. 


Vanpool has had a very successful year having added eight vans running through Deschutes, Crook and Jefferson counties. These vans are serving over 50 employees, helping provide them with a safe, reliable and inexpensive ride to and from work each day. This year these vans have saved roughly 1,200 miles traveled on our roads each work day!

Get There Rewards

This year we added 30 new networks with 651 new individual registrations! The top three modes logged in our Get There Rewards Network were: Remote Work (over 41,000 trips), followed by Bike (25,000 trips) and (Carpool 13,000 trips). There were a total number of over 93,000 trips logged across our service area and an estimated $525,000 saved in transportation costs by all Get There Rewards users.

Oregon Safe Routes to School

This year, Commute Options continued to grow statewide Safe Routes efforts through their work on the ODOT Technical Assistance Provider team. We hosted 12 statewide webinars and meetings, and supported SRTS coordinators in Central, Eastern and Southern Oregon enhance their programming. Additionally, we helped launch the Jumpstart bicycle and pedestrian education safety training program, and began teaching coordinators and school staff around the state on how to help students be safer bikers and pedestrians.

Oregon Friendly Driver

This year classes began being taught in person again for Drivers Education students in Redmond and Crook County, and in September 2022 we launched the Spanish version of the online class to increase the accessibility of the OFD program. There was a total of 47 participants on the online course and 329 participants attended live webinars or in person classes.