Chuck Arnold
Age: 51
Hometown: Bend, Oregon
Occupation: City of Redmond Economic Development/Urban Renewal Program Manager

What is your typical “super commuter” mode of transportation?
Sometimes I will ride my bike to the bus, then take the bus to Redmond, then walk to my office from the bus station in Redmond. This is what I call my “multi-modal” days. Other days, I will carpool with co-workers on occasion or with someone else that is going from Bend to Redmond.

If you do the same trip on a regular basis (for example, to work every day), about how far is it each way?
It’s about 20 miles, but I don’t go multi-modal every day. Often, I am limited by the bus schedule. If I have to work a little early or a little late, or if I have meetings, I have to drive. But I feel good that I can chose on some days to not drive alone all the way to Redmond and back.

Is there a particular reason(s) why you choose to walk, bike, ride the bus?
I love the freedom I feel when I get to work and I don’t have a car to deal with. I feel unencumbered not having to be responsible for a car! I also really enjoy interacting with my environment on the bike and walking portion of my commute. I end up experiencing my environment quite differently than I would if I were looking through a windshield the whole time.

What is your favorite thing about your trip?
I really enjoy the scenery along highway 97 when I’m riding the bus.

Are there particular parts of it that you don’t enjoy as much that could be improved?
Sometimes the road conditions, such as deteriorating shoulders and less-than-ideal asphalt that I have to navigate along the bike portion can be challenging.

How do you deal with any challenges along your route?
I try to stay positive even when it seems more challenging than usual. When I’m riding my bike, I always try to establish my position on the road so drivers know I am there.

Do you do anything differently during different seasons?
In the winter, during slick or super cold conditions, I’ll drive to the bus station and take the bus to Redmond and back, then drive home back from the bus station.

Do you have any special tips for people who want to drive less on a regular basis?
I’d say – put it on your calendar and plan for it. It’s easy to make it part of a routine with just a little bit of planning.