Bend Electric Bikes will move to a new location in Downtown Bend. The new shop,
located at 869 NW Wall Street, suite 104, will help more people in Central Oregon enjoy the
many benefits of biking, now in a more visible and central location. The new location was
recently occupied by Crow’s Feet, which moved to Northwest Crossing after being Downtown
for several years. Bend Electric Bikes will continue to serve the area as a neighborhood bike
shop and introduce electric and cargo bikes for use in work and family life. There are already
several Downtown business owners leading the revolution by using electric cargo bikes for
business transport, eliminating the large footprint that cargo vans or other automobiles make in
the area. The owners and staff of BEB are excited to be part of the Brooks Alley neighborhood
and the Downtown Bend business community.

The staff will bring their friendly, welcoming
culture and diverse community of riders to the new location. The shop offers high quality
electric urban mobility for everyone and will make a, now bigger, positive impact on the area.
Reasonably priced electric bike rentals will be offered to folks visiting Bend in order to provide a
realistic alternative to traveling around our congested roads – a welcomed relief, as expressed
by past and frequent visitors. Bend Electric Bikes will continue doing business at the existing
location at 223 NW Hill Street in the Old Bend neighborhood until February 3. Opening day
Downtown will be February 6. The community is invited to the baby GRAND OPENING and
first First Friday on February 7 5-9pm. Everyone is welcomed to meet the new neighbors,
celebrate and join the BEB community. We shall party!

Courtney Van Fossan, cultural agent of change, a former customer turned employee of BEB
says, quote, “several years ago, I was a customer who needed a supportive community and
expert service on my electric cargo bike that carried me and my young children everywhere
around town. We relied on our electric cargo bike and our bike shop to keep us moving.
Having reliable, low cost, active transportation has made way for my family to enjoy some of
our sweetest memories, moving about freely, getting to know our Bend community, up close.
Electric, cargo and family biking was a quiet subculture and now, it’s mainstream, full of people
we all know and growing quickly. Bend Electric Bikes is the bike shop I need and want in my
community and we have a whole bunch of friends who feel the same way. I’m excited for the
McCords to see their ‘little bike stand’ evolve into such an active and loved community kind of

About Bend Electric Bikes:
Bend Electric Bikes, now in its 12th year of business, offers sales, service and rental of quality
electric bikes, cargo bikes and and other electric urban mobility modes of transport in Central
Oregon. Owners, Sterling and Kathy McCord, long time Bend residents, have a mission of
getting more people on bikes and to share the many benefits of biking in our daily lives. BEB is
a community hub for those seeking reliable electric bikes to use in everyday life and offers
information, support and community activities to encourage ridership. The staff has long term
personal experience and expertise in all aspects of biking, including many years of the most
extensive professional technical knowledge and service of electric bikes Most importantly, the
shop provides a welcoming, inclusive atmosphere for all people, especially those who are newly
bike curious. Everyone benefits from riding bikes and BEB is committed to helping folks enjoy
them in their everyday lives.

For more information contact Courtney Van Fossan 541-410-7408