Spring Bike and Pedestrian Safety

Written by Safe Routes to School Coordinator, Dory Goodrich 

Warmer days are upon us and so is the excitement to start our Safe Routes to School program with elementary students across Central Oregon. In preparation, we took the bike fleet out of winter hibernation to pump the tires and test the brakes. We counted helmets and scouted pedestrian infrastructure around the schools.


At our first school this spring, Ponderosa Elementary, more than 150 Kindergarten and First Grade students participated in pedestrian safety. They cheerfully rehearsed a poem to help them remember the steps to crossing a street. Then they brought their new skills outside to practice using a crosswalk. When we arrived back in the classroom to reflect on the experience, they enthusiastically raised their hands to share stories of using sidewalks, walking to the park, or commuting to school every morning.

It is inspiring to see what these students do when given the opportunity to respond to real situations on shared streets. Looking ahead to spring, we hope to share the benefits of walking and rolling to school in safe and accessible school neighborhoods. With bicycle and pedestrian safety education, children in our communities gain a sense of belonging, safety, and awareness.