Robin Lewis is a year-around Super Commuter! She rides in the sunshine and walks when its slick. There’s no weather that holds this rock star back from an active commute to/from her job at the City of Bend where she works to improve our streets. Thanks Robin, you rock!

Name: Robin Lewis

Occupation: Transportation Engineer, City of Bend

What is your typical “Super Commuter” mode of transportation?

I ride my bike.

About how far is it each way?

My commute is 1.7 miles one way.

What is your favorite thing about not driving alone?

I get exercise and can avoid traffic backups.

Do you have any special tips for anyone who wants to walk, bike, ride the bus, carpool, or telework on a regular basis?

Try once, use a different route than you drive – pick the quiet streets and pick easy places to cross the busy streets. If you are biking it is quick so don’t worry about it being a little bit longer.

How could you describe your route? Are there particular parts of it that you really enjoy? Are there particular parts of it that you don’t enjoy as much?

The Larkspur Trail – saw a rabbit today. Don’t like the Franklin tunnel when there are people sleeping in there.

If you’re a carpooler, can you explain a little more about how your carpool group is organized?

When I carpool we try to make it fun – coffee and treats are nice. We pick different music to jam to. We are co-workers.

Is there a particular reason why you choose to walk, bike, ride the bus, carpool or telework? (i.e. financial, fitness, time, social, etc.)

I am out of shape and this helps me counter weight gain.

How does your routine change during different seasons?

I switch to walking in winter if it is icy.

What would be the ultimate thing that would help you walk, bike, ride the bus, carpool or telework more?

Easier connections across 3rd Street and through the Franklin Tunnel area.

Any other thoughts, inspiration or things that you want people to know?

Not driving helps me create time for me