It is my pleasure to share our 2018 Annual Report with you! Commute Options envisions communities where people make thoughtful transportation choices to reduce the impact of driving alone. These decisions result in healthier individuals, safer streets, a cleaner environment, and a stronger economy. Transportation options is not only about “reducing traffic,” but rather creating communities where people and businesses
thrive. It’s about nurturing healthy lifestyles through physical activity such as walking and biking to work or school. It’s about building community by making our streets safer for all people, and it’s about offering equal options for all members of our communities, regardless of age, race, ability or income. 2018 was all about creating innovative ways to inspire people to walk, bike, ride the bus, carpool and telework.
Commute Options is your voice for active transportation in Central and Eastern Oregon. Join us in celebrating 2018 and welcoming 2019!
Jeff Monson, Executive Director

Commute Options Annual Report 2018