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Brice Murri, Senior Research Chemist, Bend Research

As you can see, Brice is a healthy, happy guy. Healthy because he rides his bicycle to work faithfully whether it’s raining, snowing or the sun shines. Happy because of the money he saves and his personal contribution to keeping Central Oregon a great place to live.

Brice started logging his trips on Drive Less Connect in September of 2012. In two years he’s reduced 7,452 miles, 1,311 vehicle trips, 367 gallons of gas, 7,323 pounds of pollution, and by the way, saved $2,556. And did I forget to mention, Brice’s employer, Bend Research, is a Commute Options Partner so he receives a $20 gift card for every 45 days he rides his bicycle.
Bicycling is only one of several commute options to choose from. You can also walk, carpool/vanpool, ride the bus, telework, or work a compressed work week.

It’s easy to get started. Once you decide which option works best for you, go to Drive Less Connect and register. If your employer is not a Commute Options Partner, have them give us a call.

For more information: Call Kim Curley – (541) 408-6111 or Email –