E-Bike Voucher Program Recap

Our E-Bike Voucher program wrapped up in June, and was a huge success! The program was made possible by a Pacific Power E-Mobility Grant received by the City of Bend. 75 qualified participants  received a $2,000 instant rebate to be used toward the purchase of an e-bike. After completing an application, qualified applicants were then chosen from a lottery and received an e-bike instant rebate to be used at a partners bike show. We had over 600 residents submit applications for the program. These individuals were low income and for many the e-bike has provided an inexpensive and reliable transportation that they haven’t had access to. 

Thanks to the City of Bend, Pacific Power, Bend Velo, Pedego Bikes, Bend Electric Bikes and Voltaire for all their hard work to make this program go so smoothly. 

All awardees were required to take the E-bike safety course before purchasing their e-bike to learn the rules of the road and understand how to operate their bikes safely on Bend’s streets. 

Interested in taking the course yourself? Click here to take the free course today!