It is no secret that gas prices are reaching historic highs throughout the country, and there is no sign they will be going down any time soon. As of March 16th, the average price per gallon in Oregon had reached a whopping $4.73.

Many Oregonians are now considering options  to the single car trips to get to the places they need to go. Walking, biking,carpooling, and vanpooling are great, healthy and cost saving alternatives that you can do to help your budget as we face these high gas prices. And Commute Options can help!

If you have young students, consider walking or rolling to school with them. For students in Central Oregon, we have suggested walking and biking maps created to help plan your route. Interested in starting a program like a Walking School Bus at your student’s school? We can help with that! Walking to and from school not only saves money, but helps students physical, mental and social well being.

We have many programs for adults, too. Get There will not only help you find a carpool, safe route to walk or bike to work, but will give you rewards for reducing single person car trips. For those commuting to or from Deschutes County, consider forming a Vanpool. You can get to or from work with your coworkers, with a $500/month subsidy.

For the foreseeable future, gas prices don’t appear to be going down. But with Commute Options, you can use this as an opportunity to change up your commute, and save money while doing so.