Commute Options is proud to be a non-profit partner with the 4 Peak Music Festival, June 15 – 18. Through this partnership, Commute Options is assisting 4 Peaks in their attempt to work alternative transportation options into their festival master plan. This year, festivalgoers can create an account (if they don’t have one already) at Drive Less Connect and use the Ride Match feature to find carpooling opportunities to and from the festival. By using rideshare to get the event, you can help reduce traffic (and have more fun!) at one of Bend’s signature music events. Visit www.drivelessconnect.com and go to Ride Match View Events to find rideshare partners. Also keep an eye out for Commute Options information at the 4 Peaks merchandise kiosk!

4 Peaks is committed to providing an intimate, family-friendly festival, but on a grand scale. Patrons should expect grander views, bigger grassy fields, a larger late night tent, additional “chill” areas, and a greater selection of vendors. Most importantly, 4 Peaks brings in an impressive lineup of world class music from around the world.

4 Peaks’ mission is to provide a multi-day music event in beautiful Central Oregon, featuring an array of eclectic, national, regional and local bands for music enthusiasts, community members and families. The stage is set for the 10th year, as we bring people from all over the region, benefitting the economy of Bend and its surrounding communities.