The 2020 Get There Challenge was a huge success!

Here are some of the statistics from the October 2 week challenge.

  • 1,626 participants throughout Oregon
  • Over 8,600 achievements unlocked (an average of 5.2 per participant)
  • 588 new users from 10/5-10/18; 1,328 new users since 9/1-10/21!
  • 18,639 trips logged, totalling 165,986 miles

This challenge highlighted people’s ability to log trips while teleworking. Since COVID-19 restrictions went into place last spring, there has been an increase in working from home.  People are settling into their home offices and changing their daily routines. This Get There Challenge celebrates these positive changes, and rewards people for their telework trips. 

The 2020 Get There Challenge also introduced users to the Activity Achievements!

This additional feature, activated during the challenge, offered education tools to all types of commuters. It also included those Oregonian’s who are not working to participate.  Unlocking achievements by simply using the tools and learning new transportation skills, users earned points! This new feature helped more individuals access the activities, prizes, and the Get There community while we adjust to our new options.

Did you enjoy the 2020 Get There Challenge? Find out how to keep the prizes coming!

First, find out if your employer is signed up as a Commute Options Partner. If they are, great, you are eligible for on-going benefits from Get There!

If your company doesn’t give you year round rewards, contact to sign up!

Below you will find the final participation numbers for this year’s inaugural achievements-based Challenge. 

Activity Achievements

  • Log 1 trip / remote work day: 1,281
  • Log 5 trips / remote work days: 1,082
  • Log 10 trips / remote work days: 936
  • Plan & save a trip: 726
  • Log 15 trips / remote work days: 622
  • Log 20 trips / remote work days: 377
  • Download Commute Tracker: 227

Action Achievements

  • Make a pledge: 382
  • Tell us your story: 277
  • Like us on Facebook: 183
  • Share your home office: 123
  • Scavenger hunt 1: 103
  • Scavenger hunt 2: 95
  • Scavenger hunt 3: 61

Skill builder Achievements

  • Become a safety pro: 441
  • Walk safe: 413
  • Bike safe: 393
  • Become a remote-work pro: 388
  • Become a WiFi pro: 348
  • Join the live Zoom cast: 158

Follow along for more challenges on the Commute Options and Get There Facebook pages.