Oregon Friendly Driver class is now available online!

Commute Options offers a free 75-minute course to educate people who drive, about the best and safest ways to use the road with people walking or riding bikes. Historically, we traveled to worksites and classrooms to deliver this information and now we’re going virtual. Sign up your worksite or ask to join a scheduled class, for a personalized webinar to learn about the rules of the road when interacting with people walking and biking.

This class has the potential to make our roads safer for people walking and biking. Participants leave this class noting the understanding they have gained about navigating the roads. As one student explained, “I am glad we had a class session dedicated to this topic, it has helped me be more considerate of potential situations I could encounter in the future.”

This program educates people who drive the rights and responsibilities of people walking, biking, and driving on our streets and shares information on existing laws, new crossings, and bike facilities. It’s a great refresher on rules of the road and how to interact safely with people walking and riding bikes.

Our online class is interactive, and engaging. To learn how to safely interact with others on the road and schedule a live, personalized webinar, email Kim Curley, kim@commuteoptions.org.

Stay tuned! Starting in October, we will have a recorded version of the class available on the Oregon friendly Driver website.