Photo: Jeff Schuller – Bicycle Resource of Bend

In a giant sustainable leap forward for Commute Options’ Safe Routes to School (SRTS) program, Ponderosa Elementary has purchased it’s very own bicycle fleet. The fleet, containing 22 bicycles to start, will be used in a variety of ways to promote healthy active living at the school.

Ponderosa PTA President, Jules Baumgarte, states they want to create a culture around active transportation at Ponderosa. Having a complete set of bicycles at the school will benefit education in many ways. Bicycle field trips to Pine Nursery Park, integrated SRTS education with classroom teachers and P.E., and in-classroom instruction focusing on mathematics/geometry around bicycles, to name a few of the uses. Further, Baumgarte feels like they “bought a classroom” and not just a mode of transportation.

The bicycles were purchased for $1,700 from the Bicycle Resource of Bend (BRoB). Executive Jeff Schuller could not be happier to help the school. BRoB plans to sustain involvement with SRTS schools by teaching bicycle maintenance and assisting to maintain the fleet. Funds for the fleet were raised by the PTA during their Spring Auction.

In addition, partnership with the Center Foundation and the PTA, will supply a helmet to every student in need at Ponderosa. Current helmet evaluation and fitting will occur at the beginning of May Walk and Bike Challenge Month.

Principal Steve Austin has been a long time supporter of SRTS and is looking forward to the bicycle fleets great variety of uses at the school. Expanding education time for science based learning in the adjacent park, is one of the most prominent at the school. Commute Options Executive Director Jeff Monson states, above all, incorporating active transportation into the school and creating a sustainable culture is key for healthy active living. Commute Options is proud to be a catalyst to this reality at Ponderosa.

Three cheers for Ponderosa Elementary!