Giving flowers and chocolates for Valentine’s Day aren’t the only ways to show your love and affection! Carpool Love, brought to you by Commute Options and the City of Bend proves that good things happen to those who share. If you haven’t thought about carpooling or haven’t organized a carpool yet, February 14th is the perfect day to start.

Start spreading the Carpool Love! The event will run from February 14 through February 28, 2020. For those two weeks, all adult carpool trips count – to and from work, to college, or for personal or recreational activities. Carpooling to work with coworkers is a great way to start, but keep in mind that you can also carpool for personal trips, like sharing rides up to Mt. Bachelor, or running errands. Carpoolers must all be at least 18 years of age and must live, work, or go to college in Deschutes County.

It’s easy to participate in Carpool Love. First, make sure you have an account at Get There Oregon. If you don’t have an account already, it’s easy to set one up. Then, from February 14 through February 28, log your carpool trips on Get There Oregon website or the mobile app, Commute Tracker by Ride Amigos.

No carpool partner? No worries, we can help! Just “Find and share a ride” on Get There Oregon to match up with others who are going your direction. Through the ride match database, you can contact other people directly, but your personal information remains private, so it’s a great tool to give a ride or get a ride.

Every carpooler will get a $10 service gift card from Pine Mountain Sports! Additionally, carpoolers who have log at least four carpool trips will be eligible for Prize Drawings, to be awarded on March 5. Grand prize this year is a pair of one-day lift tickets at Mt. Bachelor, and alpine ski rentals from Pine Mountain Sports! Other Central Oregon businesses have donated prizes such as fat bike rentals from Pine Mountain Sports, a pair of gift packs from the Old Mill District, 2 matching Hydroflask’s for your free beverages from Strictly Organic Coffee, 
and Downtown Bend Dollars to be shared with you and your Carpool Love!

Pine Mountain Sports employee Henry Abel believes that carpooling is good for business and our community. Abel said, “We’re working to do our part to encourage our friends, neighbors, and customers to share a ride whenever possible. Carpooling helps reduce wear and tear on your vehicle, reduces pollution, and cuts down on the traffic and congestion in our little mountain town. Carpooling to the trailheads and to Mt. Bachelor reduces traffic on Century Drive. What better way to start your ski day than to meet your friends for a coffee and share a ride to and from the mountain or trailhead? Share that ride again on the way home and you can swap stories and high-fives.”

For more information contact Kim Curley, 541 408 6111