When the pandemic began in March 2020, many of us had to adjust to working from home. For some, the benefits of remote work have turned out to be more than just keeping themselves and their community safe. One such person is Dan Mohr, our Super (tele)Commuter of the Quarter!

At the beginning of the pandemic, Dan and his team went from commuting to the office daily, to working fully remote. Adapting to these sudden changes was difficult, but a mindful company and wonderful IT department made the technical parts of the transition smooth.

Dan found that working from home had many benefits. “Working remotely has allowed me to completely cut my commute out, and provided me with an extra hour or two each day to focus on work if needed, but also be more present with my family at home”. It has also come with health and financial benefits, allowing Dan to exercise more and reduce wear and tear on his vehicle while reducing his carbon footprint.

Dan has found that telecommuting has come with some challenges, and he’s found ways to work harder to stay connected with his team. “We schedule more meetings to make sure we are all on the same page. I like to make sure if there are any miscommunications over text, that a face-to-face video chat or meet-up is initiated. Having the barrier of reading words and potentially misinterpreting them, vs actually having a real conversation has been a real eye-opener, or ear-opener”, said Dan. He’s found that consistent conversation has been invaluable while working remotely.

Dan offers three pieces of advice for working from home. “The first would be to take care of yourself, physically and mentally. Don’t let work creep into your home life. You should always have a clean disconnect at the end of your day.” Dan then suggests that you stay active. “It’s easy to get comfortable, so be sure to move your body throughout your day! It works wonders”. Finally, Dan recommends that, especially when working with a creative team, you set aside meeting times to share ideas. “It’s difficult to fully, immersively collaborate when working remotely. It’s easy to let this key team function get lost in the shuffle of the day-to-day workload. When sharing an office, desk space, or workspace, the ability to see what other are doing/the ability to share your work is ever-present.” Remote work can be great, but staying connected is important – so be sure to find creative ways to collaborate with your team.

By working remotely and not driving to work daily, Dan has saved 6,340 miles, keeping 5,144 pounds of CO2 out of the Oregon skies! And he’s saved over $3,000 by doing so. You can start tracking your commutes by creating an account at Get There Oregon. Be sure to check out the Get There Challenge, from October 4th to October 17th, where you can win great prizes for walking and rolling to work.
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