Name: Ruth Harris
Age: 91
Occupation: Retired
Hometown: In John Day since the 50’s

Most days you can find Ruth Harris riding the People Mover Bus around John Day and to Prairie City. While she may be riding to run errands to the post office or local grocery, Ruth is also known to ride the bus to simply hang out with her community. In her early 90’s, Ruth enjoys riding the bus to meet new people and to observe how the town has changed over the years. Ruth is indeed a SUPER Commuter!

What is your typical “Super Commuter” mode of transportation?

I ride the bus.

About how far is it each way?

13 miles to Prairie City but I also ride round John Day.

What is your favorite thing about not driving alone?

Having company, I love to talk with other passengers and the drivers. Taking the bus also allows me to catch up with friends that I rarely get to see. I remember changes that have occurred in the town and county throughout the years and I enjoy taking about where different buildings were and who used to live where. I really enjoy being able to talk about what I’ve seen and done in the area; including being a pilot and the newspaper that I ran for years. Sometimes I just like to ride around on all of the routes; I meet the nicest people and the drivers are always so friendly and courteous.

Do you have any special tips for anyone who wants to walk, bike, ride the bus, carpool, or telework on a regular basis?

Call early for Demand Response because they get busy.

How could you describe your route? Are there particular parts of it that you really enjoy? Are there particular parts of it that you don’t enjoy as much?

I use the bus for everything; going to the post office, the store, library, shopping and just sightseeing. I enjoy most of it, the scenery, people, not having to concentrate on the road. I use the bus for most all of my trips outside my home. In the past I also used the bus to deliver my news flyers “The Juniper Press,” twenty stops every week for years.

Is there a particular reason why you choose to walk, bike, ride the bus, carpool or telework? (i.e. financial, fitness, time, social, etc.)

I haven’t driven in a number of years. I’ve been solely riding the People Mover for 15 years.

How does your routine change during different seasons?

My routine doesn’t change. I use the bus year-round. They always get me where I want to go.

What would be the ultimate thing that would help you walk, bike, ride the bus, carpool or telework more?

My needs are met with the service we have in John Day through the People Mover.

Any other thoughts, inspiration or things that you want people to know?

Make sure that you put others first in your life.