The Oregon Legislature’s Joint Interim Committee on Transportation Preservation and Modernization is continuing a series of hearings throughout the state to hear from Oregonians. They need to hear from you! Please RSVP! 

Please speak up:
• Safe Routes to School creates safer neighborhoods and gets kids active! We need to expand the Safe Routes to School program to reach every child in Oregon with comprehensive bicycle and pedestrian education and create safe places to walk, bike, and access transit to school.
• We want a system that helps workers get to where jobs are; one that lets children walk and bike safely around their neighborhood; and one that allows older Oregonians and people with disabilities to get where they need to go.
We must hold our representatives and government accountable for what our community wants and needs—safe and clean transportation options that serve everyone.
Now is the time to show up and speak out, as our leaders consider investing and improving on Oregon’s transportation system.
RSVP, show up, and testify:
August 18, 5:30 p.m.
Wille Hall, Coats Campus Center
Central Oregon Community College
2600 NW College Way, Bend
Full list of hearing dates can be found in this blog post.