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By Katy Bryce for Commute Options

Bend is rapidly becoming a town known for it’s cycling culture—from mountain biking to cycle pubs—and cycling is one of many transportation options that individuals and businesses can participate in. Several Central Oregon businesses have the goal of getting more people out on bikes and supporting services that use bikes instead of cars.

Cascade Couriers: Speedy Delivery By Bike

If you’ve lived in Bend for a while, chances are you’ve seen Cascade Couriers in all weather and at all hours of the day. Pedaling through sun, rain, sleet or snow, their custom made cargo bikes carry everything from baked goods to mail deliveries. Daniel Brewster started Cascade Couriers in 2007 hoping to create a business that allowed him to be outside while doing good in the community.

Seven days a week, they provide delivery services for local businesses and government agencies. Daniel says, “Cascade Couriers helps to give me an identity and purpose in our community. By offering a sustainable alternative to both delivery and advertising services, I feel that I am contributing in a small way to what makes Bend such a great place to live, work and play.”

Bend Velo: The Practical Bike Shop

Out of the 13 current bike shops in Bend, Bend Velo bills itself as “the practical bike shop”, providing bikes and accessories for the bike commuter. They are most known for their J. Livingston commuter bikes, which are repurposed and rebuilt from old mountain bikes. Customers can order a custom built J. Livingston bike with every accessory they desire to make a comfortable, safe ride for getting around town.

Their shop is full of accessories such as bags, panniers, lights, kickstands, locks, fenders and more—anything to make bike commuting safe and accessible to all. Owner Eric Powers says, “It’s important to me to get people out of the cars and on to their bikes.”

Wheel Fun Rentals: Cycling Fun for the Whole Family

Wheel Fun Rentals rents bikes and other unique cycles in the Old Mill District, Black Butte Ranch and Eagle Crest Resort. If you’ve ever seen one of their triple surreys, you’ll see why “fun” is part of the name. Owner Joanie Krehbiel’s goal is to get people of all ages and abilities outside and on a bike, rather than driving.

“Everyone from toddlers to grandmas can use our bikes, and I love seeing a whole family go to dinner in one of our surreys rather than driving around.” She also wants to see more tourists using bikes to get around while they stay in Bend and offers a bike delivery service for people to use bikes from their vacation rental or hotel. Wheel Fun Rentals also recently won a Deschutes County Big Chainring Award for partnering with the Redmond School District to help get students with mental and physical disabilities out on bikes.

Commute Options offers a variety of bike commuting programs that promote bike safety for kids and adults throughout the community. “Businesses who promote bicycling and walking as safe and fun options really enhance the livability of our community,” said Jeff Monson, Commute Options Executive Director.

Commute Options promotes choices that reduce the impacts of driving alone. For more information, contact Executive Director, Jeff Monson at 541-330-2647 or visit

Katy Bryce is a freelance writer in Bend.