Walking School Buses are groups of children who walk designated routes to school under adult supervision, picking up kids along the way just like a bus. Below are some steps for starting out simply with creating walking school buses.


Steps for starting simple:

*Families in the same neighborhood decide to walk together often initiated by a parent.
*A route is designed and tested by adults. See Addressing Safety section for guidance on picking a safe route.
*The group decides how often to walk together.
*The walking school bus begins.

Outreach to more students. Check out this option: http://guide.saferoutesinfo.org/walking_school_bus/reaching_out_to_more_children.cfm

For more details on walking school buses: http://guide.saferoutesinfo.org/walking_school_bus/index.cfm

Also, consider bike trains. They are a safe fun way to ride in a group.
Bicycle trains are best suited for older elementary children.
All riders must wear bicycle helmets.
Before starting the program, providing children with practice and training on bicycle handling and rules of the road is recommended.
More adult supervision is needed than for walking. One adult for every three to six children is recommended.

Check out more info on walking and biking to school at: www.walkbiketoschool.org