Job Title: Project & Administrative Coordinator

Rate of Pay: 40 hours/week at $21/hour to start 

Start Date: May 3, 2020

Benefits: Starting 60 days after hiring – Medical, Dental, Paid Time Off, IRA plan with monthly employer contribution – Options for additional insurance coverage

Application Deadline: 4/30/2021

Commute Options Mission Statement

Commute Options increases access to transportation options across Oregon.

Commute Options Vision Statement

We envision communities using safe, convenient, and reliable transportation options that result in healthier individuals, a cleaner environment, and a stronger economy.

About Commute Options

Commute Options is organized as a private non-profit community development corporation and has charitable tax-exempt status under Section 501 (c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code. Our Board of Directors provides leadership and direction for the organization, and our executive director (ED) manages the daily functions of the organization. Commute Options is dedicated to innovative transportation options that connect people of all ages to the places they go – employees to their workplaces, students to their schools, and neighbors within their communities. We champion active transportation and infrastructure improvements, fostering essential partnerships, and educating the community on transportation options.

There’s a lot going on at Commute Options which brings together a dynamic group of people with many different talents, all working together to pull everything off successfully. Join the Commute Options team to interact with a great group of co-workers, board members, program users, donors, partners, and vendors. Through building positive relationships based on mutual respect, support and trust in each other, we can all succeed in our work we do together each day. Be a part of our mission to be a community leader and educational resource, 

Project and Administrative Coordinator Job Responsibilities

  • Provide administrative support and for current contracts, i.e., Oregon Safe Routes to School (ORSRTS) Technical Assistance Provider (TAP) program. Duties for these contracts and the below tasks to be included in the position scope of work. 
  • For the ORSRTS TAP program’s special projects, manage logistics and facilitate meetings, webinars and trainings, diversity equity and inclusion (DEI) in transportation, process reports, lead ORSRTS communications and develop resource materials.
  • Provide DEI coordination for the Safe Routes to School – Commute Options program. 
  • Process billing, reports, and claims, and prepare invoices for all Commute Options programs. 
  • Provide support and input for all Commute Options programming (internal and external work) under the lens of diversity, equity, inclusion and justice.
  • Human Resource – Internally working with staff (HR). Explain duties and responsibilities during on-boarding. Conduct exit interviews as needed. Staff training facilitation. Explain duties and responsibilities.
  • Manage Commute Options communications; social media, newsletter, blog, articles, press releases and website.
  • Answer phone calls and voicemails and manage and respond to emails promptly with accurate information and strong customer service. 
  • Work with the executive director on new projects as needed and directed. 
  • Perform other work assigned by the executive director for the further development of the agency.

Desired Skills and Responsibilities

  • Handles Conflict & Difficult Situations – Listens well and seeks understanding and resolution even with disagreeable people.
  • Stress Management – Accepts pressure and maintains composure and perspective in tense situations and under deadline with funders, donors, community partner and members, Board, and staff.
  • Detail Orientated & Quality Focus – Verifies all work. Recognizes and addresses flaws or errors. Receives constructive criticism and seeks to improve.
  • Organization and technology skills – Able to update and add to Google Drive systems and support staff with minor technology updates.
  • Interpersonal Communication – Builds rapport with a positive and collaborative attitude with all levels of people within the organization and outside. 
  • Nonprofit & Job-Specific Knowledge – Understands transit industry and transportation issues and its standards, practices, and processes.

To Apply

Please send a cover letter, your resume, to Please apply before April 30th to ensure consideration.