Thank you to all 2,279 Get There Challenge participants! Your hard work makes Oregon a great place to live and get around.

All across Oregon, we made 40,000 trips, traveled over 35,000 miles, saved 9.95 tons of CO2 emissions, and burned 3.1 million calories. Way to make every trip count! Let’s keep up the good work.

Congratulations to our local Commute Options winners:

Lillian, Aaron, Andrew, Lee, Laurie, Danielle, Denice, Jaimie, Kate, John, Annie, Jillian, Jill, Frederick, Elliot, Drexell, Zebulin, Lisa, Matthew, Rebecca, Roger, Shane, Sherry, Megan Marie, Kelly, Mabel, Theresa, Tessa, Pearl, Nathan, Michelle, Dawn, Andrea, Darla, Kayla, Cady-Mae, Gregory, Jared, Bobby, Cara, CYnthia, Carrie, Lars, April, Jessica, Scott, Jackie, Anastasia, Nate, Blayne, Brad, Chris, Michael, and Kelly for winning awesome prizes from local sponsors.

Find out who won the grand prizes

Mark your calendars for October 5-19, 2020 for the next Get There Challenge!