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Shelter residents can “See and Be Seen” for safe bicycle commuting.

BEND, OREGON – Commute Options received a donation of 20 sets of bicycle lights to provide to Bethlehem Inn residents to be safe and seen while riding bikes to work. Portland Design Works, a Portland based cycling gear company, donated the light sets after the Bethlehem Inn posted a need for lights on their Facebook page. Bend resident Peter Werner saw the post and contacted Commute Options and Portland Design Works to arrange for the donation.

Many residents at Bethlehem Inn are employed and many of them ride bikes to and from work, often during early morning or late night shifts. Residents who have been at the shelter for over a week and are employed get priority use over the shelter’s donated bikes. The bike light sets will be checked out by residents for use while riding to and from work, providing a much needed tool for safe commuting.

Oregon state law OR815.280 requires a front white light and rear red reflector on bikes during limited visibility conditions. Bicyclists that do not have adequate lighting during dark hours risk a citation. Nate Gawlik, Americorp Volunteer at the Bethlehem Inn says, “This is a great thing. Residents risk being pulled over on their bikes for not having lights, which can be an added expense and stress. We truly thank Peter Werner, Commute Options and Portland Design Works for providing these lights.”

Bethlehem Inn residents will now not only be legal while biking, but also much safer. Bike lights greatly increase visibility, and the more visible a cyclist can be, the safer they are. Portland Design Works Marketing Manager Jocelyn Gaudi adds, “There was no need to think twice about it. We were happy to help out right away to help folks get to work safely and visibly regardless of the time of their shift.”

Kryptonite Bike Locks and Bell Helmets also donated to Bethlehem Inn.

Commute Options promotes choices that reduce the impacts of driving alone. Through active transportation choice, Commute Options encourages healthy individuals, a clean environment, and a strong economy. Commute Options represents transportation options in our community by educating citizens, businesses and government about the value of carpooling, vanpooling, walking, bicycling, teleworking and using public transportation. www.commuteoptions.org

 Portland Design Works was started by two Midwesterners who fell in love with Portland’s bike culture and wanted to be a part of it. Their motto is “simple, beautiful gear for everyday cycling.” www.ridepdw.com

 Bethlehem Inn’s mission is to transform lives with shelter, help and hope. They provide food and shelter for those experiencing homelessness in Central Oregon. www.bethleheminn.org

 Peter Werner is an attorney at Schmid Malone Buchanan, LLC and seeks to find solutions in his community.